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Breadline Africa is a small group of people who want to make a big difference. In terms of staff, we try to keep our numbers to the absolute minimum. In doing so, we are minimising our overhead costs and ensuring that as much money as possible goes into what really matters – the projects that we support.



Wendy Hill runs the UK office in Ipswich, with two other staff members. Quick, hard working and very committed to Breadline Africa’s cause. Wendy is accurate, thorough and very determined to make sure that every person who supports Breadline Africa feels not only welcome but cherished as well.

Wendy has experienced our projects firsthand during visits to Africa so that she can address queries about Breadline Africa’s work with confidence and understanding.

Get to know more about the purpose of Breadline Africa, an organisation striving to create a self-sustaining Africa.




The current Director, hails from Kwazulu-Natal. He studied in the UK and in Italy before returning to KwaZulu-Natal in 1983, where he worked in ministry in rural areas before moving to Gauteng and ending up in Soweto. He has worked in Voter Education for the 1994 General Elections in South Africa, been a witness at the Truth Commission, run a refugee service in Johannesburg and a church-based national network of healthcare clinics before moving to Cape Town in 2009 to take over as Director of Breadline Africa.




Edna Titus is Breadline Africa’s Liaison officer in the Cape Town office and has been involved in the organisation since 1998. She has worked for various charitable organisations, including Community Chest and The Haven Night Shelter.

She brings a unique blend of warmth, enthusiasm, a quirky sense of humour and a deep commitment to helping the poor. She is much loved by everyone because she can tackle difficult situations and deal with people who live in distressing poverty with an inescapable cheerfulness that endears her to all of us.



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