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One of Breadline Africa’s most successful enterprises has been its provision of renovated shipping containers for various uses. Since 1993, Breadline Africa has provided over 240 containers to poverty-stricken communities across South Africa.

Important notice:
Breadline Africa will not be accepting container applications post September 30, 2014. We will accept applications in January 2015.




Hunger and poverty create a vicious cycle: hungry adults are literally too weak to work or look for work; hungry children are too tired to absorb the learning that might lift them out of their wretched circumstances. And hunger is so cruel – it returns again and again.

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Education holds the key to a better future – for each child – and the world. As Robert F. Kennedy once said: “The greatest truth must be recognition that in every man, in every child is the potential for greatness.”

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Diarrhoea, bronchitis, hepatitis – for babies and toddlers, these infections often spell out a death sentence, especially in the poorer areas where Breadline Africa works. We know that “prevention is better than cure” quite simply saves lives.

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The ability to provide opportunities for recreation and sport and the opportunity to dream are critical to changing individual’s paradigms and breaking the cycles of despair and hopelessness.

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In this programme containers are refurbished into libraries which are placed in impoverished schools and areas around South Africa. Given that only about 20% of schools in South Africa have functioning libraries, these containers provide a real impetus towards promoting literacy in schools.

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Legacy containers

Here are some examples of the projects we have been able to help with legacies left by generous donors.

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