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Education holds the key to a better future – for each child – and the world. As Robert F. Kennedy once said: “The greatest truth must be recognition that in every man, in every child is the potential for greatness.”

Many crèches and preschools in poor townships care for and keep children safe, but they need more to develop and achieve their full potential. Breadline Africa provides essential infrastructure in the form of containers that have been refurbished into classrooms, kitchens and toilet blocks.

A good early childhood education gives these youngsters the chance of a brighter future.

Cedar Educare Centre

Cedar educare 1Cedar educare

I’ve met so many courageous women and men doing the work I do, but I never stop being amazed and inspired when I meet someone like Gertrude Smith. Gertrude is the principal of Cedar Educare Centre, in Citrusdal – a small town two hours north of Cape Town in the heart of the Cape’s citrus-growing area. Like so many of South Africa’s rural communities, it’s a heart-breaking combination of natural beauty and
extreme poverty.

Gertrude was determined to do something for the little children she saw wandering unsupervised while their parents worked on the nearly citrus farms. Unbelievably, there is no nursery-school or daycare centre in her small community. So in 2011, she started an educare centre for very young children in her own home. But like the old woman who lived in a shoe, she soon had so many children to care for, she ran out
of space!

Together with her fellow teachers, Gertrude believed something drastic needed to be done to meet the urgent need for proper care for little children – who would otherwise be neglected while their parents worked long hours as rural labourers. So they bought a little wooden Wendy house with their own money, and put it up in a public playground. But this is still much too small, so they’re forced to teach the children under the trees in the park.

I’m determined to make a difference to the lives of these little ones and their dedicated teachers. I have a vision of a beautiful converted container educare centre – a leakproof classroom, a kitchen for making healthy meals, and a safe, hygienic toilet block – a dream come true for Gertrude and her colleagues, the children, and their struggling parents.

With your gift we’ll be able to give these precious children an even better start in life in a bright new properly equipped container nursery-school – one with a brand-new, strong, secure classroom, a kitchen and proper toilets.

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