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Education holds the key to a better future – for each child – and the world. As Robert F. Kennedy once said: “The greatest truth must be recognition that in every man, in every child is the potential for greatness.”

Many crèches and preschools in poor townships care for and keep children safe, but they need more to develop and achieve their full potential. Breadline Africa provides essential infrastructure in the form of containers that have been refurbished into classrooms, kitchens and toilet blocks.

A good early childhood education gives these youngsters the chance of a brighter future.

Mother Pearl Educare Centre


I was recently invited to visit the small town of Piketberg, a two-hour drive north of Cape Town. It’s a lovely spot, but as in so many small rural towns, behind the picturesque scenes are lives of struggle and poverty. Many of the town’s parents are seasonal workers, who must live with the stress of only earning during the planting and harvesting seasons. But like all working parents, they desperately need high-quality daycare and a solid foundation for their children’s education.

It was heart-warming to find that in spite of these challenges, the community has for years supported a small daycare and nursery-school called Mother Pearl Educare Centre.Kitty Joubert, the principal, told me that the name comes from the fact that ‘each child is a pearl to its mother’. Clearly there is a lot of love in this community! Mother Pearl is currently serving 66 children between the ages of two and five. It has been caring for these little ones since 1994, so this is a very well-established little school.

But they face one big problem – the facilities are completely unsuitable. Mother Pearl is housed in the very small dressing-rooms of the local rugby stadium! These little children nap on the icy cement floors, and all share a single adult toilet and hand basin. And every single day, their hard-working teachers have to pack away the school equipment to make space for the local sporting folk to use the stadium.

With your gift we’ll be able to give these precious children an even better start in life in a bright new properly equipped container nursery-school.

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