Millions of people in Africa live below the poverty line. With poverty comes the knock-on effects of unemployment, hunger, disease, homelessness, violence and despair. With the right support however, Africa’s problems can be alleviated. There are many specialised community charity projects that are run at ground-level, trying to make a difference.

These charity projects try to establish a level of self-sustainability within the community, thus weaning the community off of the need for welfare. Most of these projects don’t get much exposure and battle to raise funds to keep going. Just a small amount of financial support or a refurbished container is usually all that’s needed to turn a struggling African charity project into a successful one.

Your contribution will fund the many projects that we support which change the lives of people in hundreds of communities within Southern Africa.

Container Programme

One of Breadline Africa’s most successful enterprises has been its provision of renovated shipping containers for various uses. Since 1993, Breadline Africa has provided over 175 containers to poverty-stricken communities across South Africa.

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Special Campaigns

Each year Breadline Africa sends out special appeals to our supporters to ask for help with food parcels or our annual outing to the sea.

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Mandela Day Libraries

Turning containers into libraries for our children – an idea of the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory which was suggested in December 2010 has now turned into reality. These libraries give an opportunity to children, many of whom hardly ever see a book, to come into contact with picture and story books and to enter the wonderful world of reading for the first time. Thanks to the generosity of our many donors and partners, this project has grown and expanded, and reached approximately 15,000 children in all nine provinces.

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