Projects/Special Campaigns


Each year Breadline Africa sends out special appeals to our supporters to ask for help with food parcels or our annual outing to the sea.


Seaside outings

Through our container programme we try our best to meet the really urgent needs for the care, education and nourishment of little children.

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Family to family food parcels

In the bustle of preparations for the festive season, we sometimes forget that for many, Christmas is a day of hardship just like any other day.

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National Soup Day

National Soup Day is an annual campaign that is aimed at helping to feed those most in need during the cold winter months.

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Winter food parcels

For these appeals we select impoverished communities who face a long, harsh winter and live in shacks that are battered by storms. These people fight pouring rain and floods and they are always cold and always hungry. A box of staples and a warm blanket brings amazing cheer and comfort to people whose lives are so bleak.

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