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In the bustle of preparations for the festive season, we sometimes forget that for many, Christmas is a day of hardship just like any other day. Food is the most basic of human needs, and is probably the most urgent need for those we see living in deep poverty.  Each year we make Christmas truly special for these children, by giving them a gift of love from your family to their family!

Family to Family food parcels Christmas 2013




Help us give the elderly a rest from hunger this festive season!

Don’t you agree that the holidays should be a time free of worry and hunger? But Dorothy Williams is wondering how, this Christmas, she is going to be able to feed the elderly people she and other community workers are supporting. I met Dorothy in Ravensmead, a little suburb twenty miles north of Cape Town. Like so many poorer places, it bears scars from a past of injustice and deprivation, and the global recession is not making things any easier. Sharply rising fuel prices are forcing up the cost of everything, especially food.

Dorothy told me how all too many seniors she knows face a lonely life of struggle. Their children have left home, or are unemployed, and they struggle to look after themselves. Many are in wheelchairs or are bedridden. I was so impressed by Dorothy’s resourcefulness. When she realised that the elders of her community needed help, she approached all the local grocers. Thanks to their response, she soon had enough ingredients to prepare meals, but had no stove or pots to cook the food. Undaunted, she went to the local liquor store and asked for help. They were so touched by the plight of the elders that they donated pots and a stove!

Now Christmas is approaching, and Dorothy is really worried about how she is going to give all those in her care a meal that’s filled with the love of Christmas and respect for these struggling old folk – as well as a respite from the constant worry of hunger.

As you look forward to the joy of being with your family this holiday season, won’t you please spare a thought for those seniors who have no family able to support them?

Dorothy would like to give everyone not just a good meal, but a basket full of staple foodstuffs to tide them over the rest of the holiday season. With your gift, we’ll be able to supply food baskets that will make such a difference to these vulnerable elders. We’d all be so grateful if your family could reach out to someone who has no family, or none able to support them.

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