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Through our container programme we try our best to meet the really urgent needs for the care, education and nourishment of little children. But we know they need moments of happiness and joy too! Which is why each year Breadline Africa takes underprivileged children to the seaside for a day of magic and relief from grinding poverty and hopelessness.


Do you remember the joy and wonder of your first trip to the seaside as a child? The enchantment of the cool water, the sand, the sound of the waves? It’s an amazing experience for any child, and an especially magical one for poor children – who so seldom get treats or outings. In the last few years, as you know, we’ve been turning our attention to rural children living in poverty. So as I start planning Breadline Africa’s annual outing to the seaside, I’m eager to extend this experience to youngsters who are so poor and isolated, they have never even seen the sea, or a big city like Cape Town.

I’d really like to take children from the little railway town of Touws River on a day trip to Cape Town and its beaches. Touws River is 185 kilometres north-east of Cape Town, on the edge of the dry Karoo. As so often in this region, parents depend on unpredictable seasonal work, and their children know only lives of grinding poverty and hardship.

Thanks to your support, we come into touch with these children – and the brave and dedicated people who try to improve their lives – on a daily basis. We know how much the container classrooms, toilet blocks and soup kitchens you enable us to provide help them. But I desperately want to give them a day of pure happiness and fun too!

With your gift, we’ll be able to give each child a T-shirt, a bus trip (for many, their first ever!), a morning snack, a nourishing lunch, and a lovely gift pack to take home. Once we’re at the beach, teams of volunteers will guarantee a day of fun and laughter, discovery and joy – and most precious of all, happy memories.

Please help us to make this outing a day that these forgotten little ones will remember forever!

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