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Cans4Skills – Part3

OUR JOY … investing in the future.

At the end of each training programme, we hold a graduation ceremony to acknowledge the men and women who have attended our courses so faithfully. They each receive a certificate and toolkit containing all the necessary required tools to start their future.

9The last day of our recent plumbing and bricklaying course was no different. The special bond that each student had developed with one another and their teachers was wonderful to see. People from different backgrounds, who otherwise may not have met, were congratulating each other.

One of our recent plumbing course students thanked me so beautifully, he said that he has learnt a lot: he learnt to communicate with people, how to fix toilets, water cylinders etc and, most importantly, has gained confidence.

Isn’t that wonderful – that is exactly what we are trying to achieve in our communities. To give young people a second chance in life and prove to them that hope can grow from nothing.

6It was so joyful to witness the happiness that these students displayed as I watched how they carefully unpacked their new toolkits. They couldn’t believe that the precious tools were theirs to keep – it is our gift to them.

I am so proud of each student who has attended a Cans4Skill course. The confidence and enthusiasm that they have shown is reward enough for all of us here at Breadline Africa.

I’ll be bringing you more news about our course throughout the year so stay tuned!



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