Help to break the chains of hunger

Help Mirriam Mdoda provide a nutritious meal for Imizamo Yethu community members.

By donating you are contributing towards a hot meal and bread from Donste Yakhe which will ensure that children and the elderly in Imizamo Yethu have nourishing meals after school and between their visits to the clinic, enabling them to safely take their medicine and regain their health.

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Meet Mirriam.

Breadline Africa, Feeding For Mirriam Mdoda, who lives in Imizamo Yethu, an informal settlement in Hout Bay in Cape Town, life changed in 2012. While waiting with her granddaughter to see the doctor at a local clinic, an elderly man collapsed in front of them. Mirriam rushed to his aid. While helping him, Mirriam learnt that the man had not eaten since the previous day and had taken a dose of his newly prescribed medicine on an empty stomach, with disastrous results.

This experience troubled Mirriam. After some research, she discovered that many, many people in the informal settlement were not eating properly – especially children and the elderly. When they got sick, they were not able to tolerate the medicine they had to take, making them even more ill.

Mirriam knew that she had to help and, since then, she has been feeding people in her community. Mirriam’s efforts have grown from feeding a few people once or twice a week to a full-time job … one that Mirriam is not paid for because she believes it is her duty as a member of the community to help.

Not only does Mirriam now feed people while they wait in the queue at the clinic, but she also feeds children from her home after school each afternoon. She tries to ensure that they have a nutritious meal before they tackle their homework.

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