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Our 67 minutes of doing good takes us on a tour to Miracle educare center, Khayelitsha

Khayelitsha (meaning “new home”) is one of Cape Town’s largest townships, and is situated some 30km from the Mother City. It consists of both formal accommodation (houses of bricks and mortar) and informal settlements (makeshift shacks).

These days, things are looking up in Khayelitsha, although poverty and unemployment are still rife. This is a township with its “eyes on the future”.

In 2008 Nanlindelo was very moved to see the children sitting on pavements and running up and down her street. She started to take the children into her home and together with her husband they began to look after the children.

They discovered that many of the kid’s parents are not at home. These children have no one to care for them or to give them a proper meal during the day.

One day they found a little girl on the field that was not well at all and very badly neglected. This  girl was abandoned by her mother. She was then taken care of by Nanlindelo and her husband Phumelo.  After a month the little girl’s mother came back to see how she was doing.  Her mother could not believe how her daughter has blossomed and healed completely.  Her mother fell down on her knees and said, this is a place of “Miracle”.  Nanlindelo and her husband said that she could now take her child home as they are happy that she is alive and well.

From that day more and more children started coming to them.  The two of them decided to call their little home ‘Miracle Educare Centre’.  It is home for many children who are lonely, abandoned, vulnerable and orphaned. It is here where they receive all the individual attention and get a nutritious meal every day. Nanlindelo and her husband have made a commitment to see that no child sits alone in the road or on the open field.  They really live up to the motto that your child is my child. Together they make sure tha the children in their neighbourhood are protected and safe.