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PRESS RELEASE: Soup kitchen for New Life Centre in Blue Downs

Every day more than a 100 Blue Downs Cape Flats residents line up at the New Life Centre for their one guaranteed meal of the day. From young children, to the elderly, the frail and disabled, the New Life Centre and their team of volunteers, work tirelessly to feed and nourish the dozens of impoverished and unemployed Blue Downs residents from their cramped quarters.

“The New Life Centre offers a vital network of support and care to the Blue Downs community,” projects officer for Breadline Africa, Edna Titus said. “Food and an adequate space to prepare meals is one of the most basic and urgent needs in the township. Breadline Africa is pleased to help in some small way by providing two converted containers for meals to be prepared in by the centre. Food is one of the most basic and urgent needs in the area.”

Breadline Africa, a Cape Town based NGO is one of the biggest suppliers of converted containers for poverty relief in Southern Africa, since 1993 the organisation has provided over 175 containers to poverty stricken communities. The containers, which are sturdy and watertight are bought at a low cost and transformed into mobile structures and used as educare centres, soup kitchens or clinics.

“The containers are a lifeline to many struggling communities, they provide instant and vital infrastructure,” Titus said. “Our projects try to establish a level of self-sustainability within the community.”

To celebrate the opening of the soup kitchen at the New Life Centre, Breadline Africa arranged for 100 food parcels to be handed out to members of the community.

For more information on Breadline Africa visit www.breadlineafrica.org. If you would like to contribute to Breadline Africa contact Edna Titus on 021 418 0322 or email: edna@breadlineafrica.org.za.



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Project officer: Edna Titus

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