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Our commitment is to a strong, healthy, well educated Africa. We believe in simple, practical community driven/managed solutions to the many problems that Africa faces.

Over the years we have remained steady in our belief that there are people in Europe who feel as strongly as we do and are prepared to become partners with us.

Our goal is to see a new Africa emerge out of poverty and take its rightful place among the countries of the world.

We believe that we have the structures in place to be able to distribute and monitor funds efficiently and effectively. We aim to provide the maximum impact in breaking the cycle of poverty in individuals and communities in southern Africa.

We believe that in giving, corporates and other contributors should view their funding as a partnership rather than the traditional charity handouts.

Our hallmark is ‘Helping People Help Themselves’ through simple, pragmatic, easily achievable solutions.


Get to know more about the projects that we feel are making a substantial difference in promoting poverty alleviation in Africa.


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