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Mivuyo Educare Centre

Cape Town
Western Cape

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10m² prefabricated kitchen and toilet unit (subdivided)

Date Launched

27 January 2023



Cape Town

No of children

29 children

Year started


Impact achieved

• Matise Ompie established Mivuyo Educare Centre in 2010 with only 16 children – and it is one of the few pre-schools in the community that is run by a male principal! He originally gathered  children in his street who were not attending school and gave them a safe space by offering a day care service. Once the parents saw his dedication and commitment to the children, they encouraged him to establish a  pre-school and properly prepare the children for ‘big school’.

• The centre received a 10m² prefabricated sub-divided kitchen and toilet unit, which was donated by an anonymous corporate donor, who also wanted to get their Cape Town team more involved with the school. With the help of Baz-Art, a local non-profit urban art platform, the team painted a beautiful mural on the new structure and upgraded the pre-school’s small vegetable garden.

• The children received sweet treats and joined the paint-by-numbers activity by creating colourful painted handprints on their new structure.

• “The Breadline Africa team enjoyed collaborating with Baz-Art to create this fun interactive volunteer opportunity using street art with a paint-by-numbers approach allowing the donor company to further uplift the structure and positively engage with the children and practitioners of Mivuyo Educare Centre in a more meaningful way,” said Janine McEvoy from Breadline Africa.

• To their great excitement, each child also received a personalised backpack in December 2022 filled with flipflops, an item of clothing, sweets, stationery items and an age-appropriate Christmas toy. And for those too young for a backpack of goodies? Something equally appreciated – packets of nappies to keep the little ones happy and healthy.

• The Marketing Manager of the corporate donor said: “The partnership with Janine and the team from Breadline Africa was an absolute pleasure from start to completion of the Mivuyo school garden and kitchen / toilet facilities. The immense joy that this involvement brought to our team as well as the kiddies and teachers has been so rewarding. Breadline Africa are doing such phenomenal work in our communities and we look forward to future endeavours together.”

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