An experienced financial services professional in South Africa with business interest in the UK. Sanelisiwe has accomplished career highlights in broadcasting, marketing and publishing. She is a seasoned thought leadership, investments, wealth, economics and premium lifestyle writer; trained corporate spokesperson in representing listed financial services providers, as well as a trained studio reporter and has successfully reached SA and the broader African continent audiences in expressing economic data on television, radio, print and online.

Gantsho is a non-executive director, board member, Trustee and Chairman of the UK board for Help2Read and a member of the executive committee for the South African Chamber of Commerce UK. She is passionate about being an instrument for global social impact investing, international trade – under the banner of environmental, governance and socially (ESG) cohesive practices.

Gantsho holds an MBA, Bcom Hons Economics; Bcom Economics and Business Management, specialising in Econometrics, Investment Analysis and Financial Econometrics. She is also an invited guest writer and author at Lucy Cavendish College (University of Cambridge), Stellenbosch Visio and the Stellenbosch Wine Routes half century celebratory book.