A classroom of their own will allow pre-school to create their own identity and provide a solid foundation for many children

Location: Khayelitsha, Western Cape

About: The All-Saints Church allowed Khanyisa Booi, the principal, to use the church building to house the 30 children at her pre-school. There is an ever-increasing need in this area of Khayelitsha with many young children requiring the opportunity to attend an educare centre

Challenge: The pre-school has no infrastructure or facilities of its own. To provide quality early learning, the pre-school needs its own space for these children to grow and develop, without interruptions from the church activities. This will allow the pre-school to create its own identity and provide a solid foundation for many children.

The need: Breadline Africa proposes a 2 x 6m container converted into a classroom. This new space will allow the children to have a space to call their own and for the children to receive a strong educational foundation.

Beneficiaries: 30 children aged 2 to 6


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