A new classroom will allow Bavumeleni Educare Centre to have a dedicated space for the Grade R children

Location: Bardale, Mfuleni, Western Cape

About: Principal, Sizeka Hlezupondo established the pre-school in 2008 when she saw that working parents in the community didn’t have a safe place to send their children, leaving them to roam the streets and possibly get into dangerous situations. Bavumeleni pre-school allows children to learn and grow in a safe space.

Challenge: Due to high levels of HIV among community members, many of the parents are sick and cannot work. This means Bavumeleni Educare Centre is not able to grow and thrive, even though the demand for her school has grown. She has been asked to include a Grade R class, but current space constraints make it impossible. The Grade R class will be beneficial for parents as well, because her hours are longer than the primary school Grade R day!

The need: To provide Sizeka with a big 18m² classroom, will allow her to grow her school and cater for the demand of a Grade R classroom. This will also allow her the opportunity to apply for DSD funding.

Beneficiaries: 40 children (aged 0 to 5) with potential for growth!


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