Refurbished 12m BBC Box kitchen/dining containers

Monday, 25 February 2019 This box has come a long way! Starting in September 2008, the BBC News followed the journey of a 12-metre shipping container all around the world, recording each cargo carried and port visited. At the end of the documentary, in 2010, the container was donated to Breadline Africa and used as a community soup kitchen, located at RR Franks Primary School. In 2018, the person running the soup kitchen retired. The school contacted Breadline Africa, to ask whether it might be possible for the school’s feeding programme to use the kitchen. They desperately needed a kitchen and were using the storeroom to prepare meals. The school feeds more than 400 learners each day (many more than the 296 children that are officially registered on the programme). Most importantly, the school does not have a seating area where the children can sit comfortably and have their meals. They were standing wherever they could, with their plates in hand, come rain or shine! Ms Denise Theunissen, the National School Nutrition Programme District Coordinator for the Metro-East District, said she was proud to be part of such a fruitful project. She thanked the principal and teachers at the school for the great work undertaken and Breadline Africa, as infrastructure is the biggest challenge schools face. The donated container will make a huge difference at RR Franks –providing dignity in feeding. Ms Marion Wagner, Breadline Africa’s Director spoke about the history of this particular container and how it went around the world. She added that had been exactly nine years since the container was first placed at RR Franks, so it was an historic moment to relaunch the kitchen container. “We hope that you will enjoy having it here with such a long colourful history and that it will inspire you to read more about the countries it visited and the stories that have been told about it. Remember how your kitchen has braved pirates off the coast of Somalia (not sure how many but it does make the story sound more exciting!) and typhoons in the South China Sea, travelled 88,000km in 421 days and that you were the one school to be chosen in the whole world to receive it,” said Ms Wagner. The principal of the school, Mr Johannes Swarts, thanked Breadline Africa for believing in them as a school and promised that they will make good use of the container. He mentioned that in future, they plan to put up a roof to cover the outside space and to pave the entrance of the container.

RR Franks (BBC Box) 25-02-19