This primary school needs a dedicated space that would allow the children to eat their meals with dignity

Location: Bonteheuwel, Western Cape

About: Bramble Way Primary School, which was established in 1962, is situated in one of the Western Cape’s most impoverished communities. Social ills, such as crime, substance abuse and gang violence are commonplace and the children are often in the line of fire. The school feeding programme is supported by the Peninsula School Feeding Association, which ensures that 487 children receive a nutritious meal every day.

Challenge:  Currently, the school makes use of a classroom as a makeshift dining room, which is not ideal. A dedicated space would allow the children to eat their meals with dignity. Additionally, the classroom currently in use will be needed to teach a grade 2 class in 2022, making the need for an alternative space urgent.

The need: A 12m converted shipping container would make an ideal dining area.

Beneficiaries: 487 children, aged between six and 13 years


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