World Toilet Day is commemorated on 19 November every year, with the goal of raising global awareness about the plight of people who do not have access to suitable toilet facilities.

At Breadline Africa, we have taken this commitment to heart and have made it our goal to ensure that we place at least one toilet facility on 19 November, in addition to our regular projects. On Tuesday, 19 November 2019 we launched a newly converted container toilet block at Cebolethu Educare Centre.

Ms Esethu Matanzima the Programme Director welcomed everyone to this much anticipated event Unfortunately, the principal, Mrs Phatheka Patricia Ndeleni was unable to attend as she was writing an exam at a local college to complete her qualification in early childhood development. Ms Matanzima conveyed Ms Ndeleni’s gratitude for the new converted container toilet facility which has replaced a bucket toilet system which was used alongside just two flushing toilets which were inadequate for the 82 children and their teachers. The new flushing toilets and handbasins for the children will now make the buckets a thing of the past.

Nolwando Yisa a parent of one of the children attending Cebolethu, thanked Breadline Africa’s generous donors, along with the team, who had helped to make the new facility a reality She explained that the children and their families face many challenges and projects like this one help ease their daily burdens.

She said that the new structure will make a huge difference in the children’s’ lives, as they no longer have to use the bucket toilets She added that they will be taught how to flush the toilets and to wash their hands in the brand new handbasins – keeping things hygienic and the children healthy.

Melanie Jackson, Breadline Africa’s Marketing Manager thanked the children for their beautiful singing and said that the Breadline Africa team were happy to share in their joy and excitement. She thanked the teachers and Mrs Ndeleni for their work in the community and wished them well.

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