DD Siwisa Primary School, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape
Refurbished 12m container library
Wednesday, 20 February 2019 DD Siwisa Primary School is located in Makhanda township in Grahamstown. It is one of several schools in the Grahamstown area where children receive weekly literacy support from students enrolled in the B.Ed (Foundation Phase) programme at Rhodes University. This initiative was started in 2016 by Ms Regina Kuratle of the Pädagogische Hochschule, Bern, Switzerland and Dr Anna Nkomo, Rhodes University, Department of Education. The school has never had a dedicated library facility, so the container library represents a significant improvement to the school campus. When Breadline Africa was first approached to support this school, we became aware that only a very small collection of approximately 300 story books was available to children currently enrolled at the school. Thanks to the generosity of Breadline Africa’s donors, not only were we able to provide a 12m container library, but also a collection of 100 new story books that we hope the children will enjoy reading. The photos show how delighted the children were to unpack the boxes of books received from Breadline Africa.

DD Siwisa 20-02-19