The Hermon Educare Centre needs a kitchen/toilet container to allow for the young children who attend a safe and hygienic space to grow and learn

Location: Hermon, Western Cape

About: The existing educare centre opened in 2006 and is the only educare centre in the small town of Hermon. The local municipality has allocated a piece of the sports field in town to the centre, which provides an opportunity for expansion and improvement of its infrastructure. The centre is currently being supported by Grassroots who assist with providing meals but there is no formal kitchen facilities to prepare meals.

Challenge: The educare centre has the space available as well as a commitment from the municipality to provide services, but they require safe and sustainable infrastructure, namely a kitchen/toilet combation container. Ms Collins, who will be leasing the land from the municipality, has requested a converted kitchen/toilet container from Breadline Africa to meet this need. Currently, the centre has two plastic toilets which the children make use of.

The need: Breadline Africa proposes a 2 x 6m kitchen/toilet container which will allow the centre to have a safe and hygienic space for the children to grow and learn.

Beneficiaries: 10 children aged 2 to 5


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