By providing a kitchen container, the centre would free up space for another learning group to have their own classroom

Location: Nyanga, Western Cape

About: The pre-school has been serving the community for 13 years and has been growing each year. The current staff of motivated teachers is registered to begin formal training in September 2021 with Cape College.

Challenge: The educare centre has one small classroom and a kitchen in a brick building. The pre-school has three age groups, and ideally, they should be spilt into three groups. The lack of classroom space, however, has meant that they have been combined into two age group classes. With more space to teach, the pre-school will be able to separate the age groups and provide optimum learning.

The need: Breadline Africa proposes providing a 6m kitchen container to the pre-school. The current kitchen space would become available and would allow for two classrooms in the brick building, thereby allowing the pre-school to separate its age groups for appropriate learning.

Beneficiaries: 104 children aged 1 to 5


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