A 6m container kitchen will allow for the preparation of meals in a safe and hygienic space

Location: Worcester,  Western Cape

About: Iziboneli Christian Educare Centre previously received a container classroom from Breadline Africa in October 2021 after a storm completely destroyed the original structure. There are 43 beneficiaries at this pre-school coming from the Zwelethemba community who are enjoying their new converted 12m shipping container classroom.

Challenge: A visit to the site to prepare for the classroom revealed that the centre is surrounded by poverty and the principal explained that most of the parents are seasonal farmworkers. When they have work and can pay the pre-school fees, the children can come to school, but if there is no work, the children are kept at home and parents struggle to put food on the table. Meals provided at pre-school are a vital part of a child’s development in their formative years and a safe and hygienic kitchen allows the pre-school to provide these meals.

The need: The pre-school’s meals are currently prepared in an unsafe, makeshift structure and to ensure that the children are safe and healthy, Breadline Africa proposes a 6m container kitchen that will allow for the preparation of meals in a safe and hygienic space. Hungry children can’t learn and feeding children a nutritious meal helps them focus and grow.

Beneficiaries: 43 children (aged 0 to 5)


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