Destroyed in a storm, this pre-school needs a classroom to provide the children with a safe space to learn.

Location: Worcester, Western Cape

About: Iziboneli Christian Educare Centre opened in January 2014 with 14 children, and currently has 43 children. It is situated at the back of a church, and the school shares the church facilities, such as the kitchen, toilets and classroom with the church members.

Challenge: The original church structure was constructed of zinc and asbestos and in 2020 the church began building a brick-and-mortar structure. In June 2020, during lockdown, a winter rainstorm caused the back wall to collapse and fall onto the centre, destroying the little they had including the desks, chairs and bookcases. Since the disaster, the centre has been operating inside the church and using the church facilities.

The centre is dependent on fees for income and most parents are seasonal farmworkers who are not able to pay when they are not working. Consequently, the centre does not have funds to build a new facility. Additionally, every Friday, the whole centre has to be packed up so that there is space for church on Sunday and then everything has to be set up again on Monday. Logistically, this is not suitable for a sustainable pre-school.

The need: A 12-metre converted shipping container classroom will provide the children with their own space to learn in, with no interruptions from the members of the church.

Beneficiaries: 43 children under the age of seven


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