Kethokuhle Educare Centre became known in the office as the ‘fire ECD’, because it was completely gutted in a fire over the Easter weekend. A crowd funding campaign, with HomeChoice Development Trust funding the shortfall, saw the centre being rebuilt to accommodate 62 children and their teachers.

Fittingly, the centre was launched on Mandela Day, amid much celebration. The principal, Ms Zingisa Makanda thanked the HomeChoice Development Trust and Breadline Africa’s donors for their generosity. She also expressed her gratitude to
Mr Mdebuka Mtwazi, the Executive Director of Sikhula Sonke, a staunch supporter of the school, and the person who originally brought Kethokuhle to our attention.

Zingisa explained that she had received 24 missed calls during the Easter Sunday church service and she just knew that something was terribly wrong When she discovered that the centre had been completely destroyed, she contacted Mdebuka, hoping that Sikhula Sonke could help. Within a week, Zingisa heard that she would receive three converted containers and she did not know if she should laugh or cry!

The site upon which the centre stands is very small, and an odd shape, squeezed between the shacks that have been rebuilt after the fire It was a challenging project to implement – there was barely enough space for the three much needed six- metre containers. 12-metre containers were out of the question But a safe space was needed for the 62 children and the Programmes team never pass up on a challenge! With some careful planning and ingenuity, Kethokuhle Educare Centre was reborn.

Mrs Zanyiwe Velapi from the local Early Childhood Development ( Forum said that the forum members were shocked to learn that Kethokuhle had burnt down They supported her during this trying time and are extremely grateful to all the donors for their willingness to step in to help.

Breadline Africa’s Finance Manager, Jaco de Kock congratulated the principal on her dedication to the children of the community and said that he looked forward to hearing of Kethokuhle’s future successes!

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