Six specially-purposed containers in support of Early Childhood Development – March 2020

Breadline Africa extended its support of Early Childhood Development (ECD) into the Garden Route District Municipality, Western Cape, when six specially-purposed container structures were handed over to three organisations working to promote ECD in the district.

Knysna Education Trust (KET), a Breadline Africa partner since 2019, has been providing essential services to the ECD sector since 1993. The organisation provides ECD-practitioner training as well as on-site mentoring and support to ensure that young children thrive through quality ECD programmes, competent caregivers and teachers and, in safe, healthy and enriched early learning environments.  To support KET’s work, Breadline Africa recently relocated two six-meter shipping containers from a dormant project in Beaufort West to the KET premises in Market Street, Knysna.  KET has since refurbished these containers which are now ready to be used as a Training Facility and Resource Centre.

Isiseko Educare Centre operates under the KET umbrella and was started in 1999 by Brenda Somerset and Operation Upgrade, and registered with the Department of Social Development in 2004.  This Centre serves the community of Dam se Bos; an area that has seen considerable growth in numbers over the past four years. In order to remain compliant with the health and safety norms and standards of its registration, Breadline Africa converted two shipping containers into much-needed additional classroom and toilet facilities to help accommodate the 60 children currently enrolled at this pre-school.

Jaydine’s Day Care Centre, located in  the Robololo White Location in Knysna, also operates under the KET umbrella. Established in 2014, the infrastructure at this Centre originally allowed for maximum enrolment of 30 children.   Breadline Africa converted a 12m shipping container into classroom space and also provided a 6m container toilet facility. This additional  infrastructure will allow Jaydine’s to double its enrolment and generate much-needed additional income for the pre-school.

Diane Laugksch, Breadline Africa’s Strategic Partnerships Manager, said that the value of the new Breadline Africa / KET partnership should not be under-estimated as infrastructure requirements often hinder community-based ECD centres from being registered.  She congratulated KET on getting nearly 60% of the ECD sites operating under its umbrella, to either partial or full registration with the Department of Social Development and said that she looked forward to many years of fruitful collaboration.

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