Once you learn to read, you will be forever free” ~ Frederick Douglass

This quote is now proudly displayed on the wall of the brand new library that was handed over to Laurie Hugo Primary School on 12 November 2020. This library was kindly funded by Esther Horwood in memory of Marie Stigling (Teacher, b 1881, Clanwilliam). Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Esther was not able to attend the launch, but we hope that she will be able to visit South Africa in the near future. Laurie Hugo Primary school is over 100 years old and serves the rural community of Moorreesburg in the Western Cape.

There are currently 1,483 children who will benefit from a fully stocked library and a dedicated space to read. They along with future generations will have the opportunity to develop a love of reading. The library also gives the Bathesda Community Centre (BCC), a safe space to implement their wonderful literacy programme which will see this library being put to good use. Foundation Phase learners at Laurie Hugo Primary School are supported by BCC volunteers to strengthen their literacy skills and to develop a love of reading. Prior to the library being placed, the BCC volunteers used to run their programme in the staffroom or a storeroom which was not ideal. Surrounded by books, puzzles and educational toys, the children will be able to utilise the incredible resource that has been created
for them to learn and grow.

The principal of the school, Mr Johan Januarie, shared his heartfelt thanks to all were not able to celebrate the launch. He explained that for him, books are a wealth of information that allows us to acknowledge the symbols of  he written language and how they are an unlimited source of information, whether for pleasure or as factual material. Mr. Januarie thanked Breadline Africa and in particular the Horwood Family, for giving each and every child at the school the opportunity to gain unlimited knowledge from books.

Diane Laugksch, Breadline Africa’s Strategic Partnerships Manager, addressed the children and encouraged them to come and enjoy all the wonderful books and stories the library had to offer. She thanked Mr. Januarie, the staff and the volunteers for their commitment and dedication to teaching the children and stated that this library is a result of their love and passion for the children and the community as a whole. We hope that each child will enjoy this haven from the noise and demands of everyday life and that they will truly be forever free through the comfort of a good book.

Breadline Africa Library

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