Likhoni Langa Care Centre, Handover of 60m2 Prefabricated Classroom, Kitchen & Toilets, 27 March 2018

Likhoni Langa Care Centre was established in 2013 by Andiswa Mabhoko and her husband, Andrew.They received notice from their landlords that the property was no longer available to them and Andiswa was able to secure land from the local municipality to move the facility but was at a loss as to how to fund the required pre-school infrastructures.

She contacted Breadline Africa and with the help of the organisation’s generous donors, the children of Likhoni Langa received a brand new 60m2 prefabricated classroom, along with a renovated container kitchen and a converted container toilet facility. The formal launch event took place on Tuesday, 27 March 2018.

The principal and her husband make a formidable team. While Andiswa cares for the smaller children, her husband cares deeply for youth, and both are extremely passionate about supporting their community, often at their own expense. There are 62 children, from birth to six years old, attending pre-school classes in the morning and in
the afternoons, they are joined by an additional 30 youngsters between the ages of seven and 17, who attend the afterschool care facility.

Breadline Africa’s Programme Manager, Puleng Phooko says: “Andiswa supports other pre-schools by filing out application forms and alerting them to available grants. The other ECD principals look up to her and consider her a mentor. What is also obvious is that literally everything that she gains, she shares with the children. She has an incredible personality and a lot of love for the small children. Andiswa is highly proactive and does not wait for assistance. She is a go-getter and will not accept mediocrity. She cleared and converted the dumping site and fenced it within an extremely short period of time. I would not be surprised if she found ways to build more structures on this large site in the very near future.”

Andiswa thanked the teachers who have supported her through the journey and went on to say that the work that she does, is that of teaching children, but a ripple effect is that also reaches and teaches the parents – and that gives her great comfort.