On the 28th of March 2022, Lucy Mase, principal of Lingelihle Care Centre woke up to a shiny, new kitchen and toilet structure being delivered to her early childhood development (ECD) centre in the rural community of Nqubela, Robertson, in the winelands of the Western Cape.

She was delighted and could not stop smiling and taking photographs of the entire delivery process. The children of the centre were also thrilled and excited that there was so much activity at their créche.

Lucy explained that the donation from Breadline Africa will make running the facility a lot easier because she had been cooking in her kitchen at home and carrying the food back to the children. Everyone was sharing a single toilet cubicle was in the back garden of the property, so the delivery of the new toilets caused quite a stir! The new amenities will offer a safe, and hygienic environment for the children and teachers.

Lucy added that she will be going back to the Department of Social Development to apply for registration and a regular subsidy, as the location of her earlier kitchen had prevented the completion of the process.

We wish her and the children many happy years of fun and learning!

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