19 November will always be remembered as a day of celebration for the children at Masakhe 2 Educare Centre in Nyanga. Over 100 children enrolled at the pre-school, used to cram into three classrooms where there was insufficient space to enable the different age groups to be taught separately.

However, that all changed on a sunny Thursday morning as Breadline Africa handed over the keys of a brand new container classroom to the principal, parents and the children of the small pre-school located on land owned by the United Presbyterian Church. The new two 6m joined classroom will be used for the older children at the centre as it is a pivotal time in their development as they prepare to enter primary school. The older class now have their own dedicated space to grow and learn.

A short celebration was held outside the new structure with a prayer from the church’s minister and a wonderful song sung by the children. This was followed by the ribbon cutting and hand over of the keys to the principal, Precious Petros. Precious explained how the Educare centre had been at the church premises since 2012 and had been looking for a classroom that could accommodate more children. She thanked Breadline Africa for recognising their need and donating a wonderful big double classroom to accommodate the children as well as the 55 children she has on the waiting list. She said the community surrounding the school can now have more children attend the Educare centre. Precious thanked all those who have worked on the project, the members of the Breadline Africa team and the donors who funded the classroom.

She shared her excitement that this classroom was particularly important as it would serve the future leaders of this country. She believes that these children are the future of our beautiful country and was thrilled to be able to give them the learning foundation that they deserve. As the children hurried inside the classroom to explore their new learning space, we were reminded of just how important early childhood development is in South Africa and the need for safe infrastructure to ensure young children have a safe space to grow and learn in. This new classroom will serve thousands more who come through the doors of Masakhe 2 Educare Centre.

Breadline Africa Classroomoom

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