An ECD centre in New Crossroads is urgently in need of a dedicated Grade R classroom.

Location: New Crossroads, Western Cape
About: The principal, Angelina opened this early childhood development centre in 1999 with only four toddlers from her community, whose parents needed to go and look for work in the city. Today, the parents of 65 children entrust their little ones to the care of Angelina’s team every day.
Challenge: Currently, the centre does not have sufficient space to accommodate all the children, even though they have more than enough land. The expansion will allow the Grade R learners to have their own dedicated space.
The need: 2 x 6m container classrooms
Beneficiaries: 65 Children, aged 1 to 6 years old
Target Goal: R231,276

We welcome all forms of donations, from part funding donations with naming rights to full branding sponsorships.
Please send us an email to if you would like to support this much-needed project.

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