Twelve-meter container library – 17 March 2020

In the week that South Africa celebrates National Library Week, Masonwabe Primary School chose to officially open their very own container library, donated by Breadline Africa donors Cargo Compass and Jackie Channing. The period 16-22 March is marked to observe and contribute to the understanding of the important role that libraries play in society. In under-resourced communities where community library facilities are often lacking, school libraries play an important role in giving children access to books and literacy resources.

The school leadership at Masonwabe Primary School is very committed to improving literacy and reading.  To support this, the school has been working with two really great literacy support programmes offered by SHINE Literacy and Pearson Reading Mentors, who provide daily one-on-one reading support to Foundation Phase learners. The addition of a stand-alone library facility at this school, which provides space for quiet and focused one-on-one reading support, will strengthen the work being done by the SHINE Literacy and Pearson volunteers.

Breadline Africa’s marketing team was very excited to hand over the key to the new school library to the Principal, Siphiwo Grabile. The children celebrated the occasion with a poetry reading as well as a prepared reading.


Koolsum Ismail, Chairperson of the School Governing Body,  expressed her thanks to Breadline Africa and its donors for making this school library a reality. She stressed the importance of reading and commended teachers’ efforts in promoting a culture of reading at the school. She said that there is also interest from parents in supporting literacy initiatives and several have come forward to volunteer their time to assist learners with sustained reading support.

The theme for South African Library Week 2020 is Libraries: Your Partners for Life. Breadline Africa feels confident that the children at Masonwabe Primary School will adopt the new library as their very own personal partner as they venture through their schooling years!

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