Even though Matise has done everything he cannot meet the growing demand for early education in his community

Location: Khayelitsha, Western Cape

About: Principal, Matise Ompie established his pre-school in 2010 with 16 children and this is one of the few pre-schools in the community that is run by a male principal! He originally collected children from parents in his street who were not attending school and gave them a safe space by offering a daycare service. One the parents saw his dedication and commitment and encouraged him to establish a proper pre-school to teach the children he had in his care.

Challenge: Even though Matise has done everything he can to meet the growing demand for early education in his community, the two classrooms that he currently has are at capacity and he is unable to assist any more little ones. Because the community is impoverished, fees are very low and he is also unable to access government funding to increase the cash flow, because his centre doesn’t have its own kitchen. Matise cooks at home and brings the food to school – and he is now also teaching the ‘overflow children’ in the family living room.

The need: A 6m container classroom, 6m container kitchen & toilet will offer Principal Matise additional space for the currently enrolled children and allow for growth. The kitchen will also help the pre-school meet the infrastructure registration requirement, allowing him to apply for a government grant to assist the school.

Beneficiaries: 28 children (aged 0 to 5)


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