South Africa’s leading print manufacturer, Novus Holdings, has left an indelible mark on Mkhanyiseli Primary School by supporting a much-needed 30m² prefabricated library that the children can now proudly call their own.

The company has, for the second time, partnered with Breadline Africa to provide an under-resourced primary school in the Western Cape with library facilities. Novus Holdings believes that access to books for academic purposes is critical for learners in South Africa. They know that South Africa urgently needs solutions to the literacy challenges it faces, and it is therefore essential to ensure that books are made readily available to children to continue to build a reading nation.

The project forms part of Novus Holdings’ Future Foundations initiative, which sees the company investing in projects that aim to truly empower beneficiaries and to inspire others to positively transform communities. The ‘virtual’ handover of the 30m² prefabricated library took place on Thursday, 20 May 2021 and was attended by the school principal, Ms Klaas, members of the school’s governing body, and representatives of Breadline Africa and Novus Holdings.

Ms Klaas thanked the sponsors and shared the entire school’s excitement at having a library to call their own. She added that it is going to be extremely helpful to the learners, the teachers, and the community as a whole. She believes that this library will not only help the children academically but also instil that all-important love of reading.

The director of Breadline Africa, Marion Wagner, added her thanks to Novus Holdings, the Breadline Africa team, and the school for making this project such a success.

She wished the learners a bright future with their new library and books to enjoy.

In her address to attendees, Ms Carrie Nixon, Corporate Communications Manager at Novus Holdings, shared her appreciation to everyone who helped bring the project to fruition. “We hope that this library will be a safe space for learners of Mkhanyiseli to read, imagine and express their creativity, and that the books will inspire the children to make a greater contribution to society.”

“We believe that that school libraries are fundamental resources that feed reading and storytelling, which are all essential and, most importantly, safe components in keeping children engaged, whether they are in the classroom or at home,” added Ms Nixon.

Despite the gloomy weather, attendees were treated to a musical performance by the school choir, as well as a poem, which was read by a learner. Breadline Africa is confident that for years to come, the library will be a fundamental element of enhancing literacy at the school.


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