The community of Lavender Hill is located 20 kilometres from Cape Town city centre. Children in the community are exposed to high levels of community violence, crime, gang activity, and substance abuse. Prince George Primary school is a beacon of hope shining brightly in Lavender Hill. The principal, Ms Lameez Rabbaney, and her team believe strongly in the importance of a strong educational foundation and that the early school years are critical to a child’s development. The school provides quality education in this very vulnerable community.

Breadline Africa has previously worked with Prince George Primary School having provided a much-needed library in 2019. The school holds the belief that a hungry child cannot learn, so a feeding programme was introduced to curb hunger amongst the children attending the school. Along with Breadline Africa’s school feeding partner, Peninsula School Feeding Association, 350 children are fed two meals a day at this school.  Prior to receiving their kitchen, the school had no dedicated kitchen facility and were using a classroom for preparation and cooking and then moved to a storeroom as the classroom space was needed.

With the help of various Breadline Africa donors, Prince George Primary School received a fully functional container kitchen on the 24 February 2021.  The morning was a hive of activity as the feeding programme was in full swing, serving the morning meal to hungry children.  Ms Rabbaney said that they currently have 994 registered children and 300 of them are on the school feeding programme.

“We receive food for 235 learners, but we are managing to still feed the excess learners. We do not turn any learner away. We would like to thank Breadline Africa for this wonderful kitchen that they have donated to us as well as the donors who have contributed to make this kitchen a reality. We have not had a kitchen for quite a few years and Breadline Africa has come to the rescue. We have everything in place now to prepare nutritious meals for our learners. Feeding our children and nourishing them is vital so that they can sit in the class and concentrate while engaging with their teachers.”

Marion Wagner, director of Breadline Africa, added that it was such a pleasure returning to the school after nearly two years since the library was placed.  There is so much passion for teaching and learning and a lot of talent as evidenced again with the dancing and poetry recitals. She thanked the children, staff and school board and especially donors who have made this a reality and wished the school everything of the best going forward.

Chairperson of the school’s governing body, Alton Barons, thanked Breadline Africa for the contribution and their continued support of the school. He expressed how this is very much needed in the community and the kitchen ensures that the children are being fed, enabling them to focus on learning. He spoke about the new vegetable gardens they have started in order to sustain their kitchen with fresh produce.

We wish the school well and look forward to seeing them continue being a pillar of hope in their community for years to come.

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