Rainbow Educare Centre in Khayelitsha was established by Beauty Busisiwe Mehlomakhulu in 1996 – just a few years after Breadline Africa itself was established!

On 15 March, she once again enjoyed the generosity of the organisation’s donors, as the van Dedem Foundation, along with Breadline Africa’s individual donors, provided the funding for two beautiful new prefabricated classrooms.

In 2018, Rainbow received a brand new container kitchen and container toilet block. This was as a consequence of local authorities condemning the old structures that the facility had been operating from. This was followed by the Department of Social Development revoking her certificates and the child grant that she was receiving. But thanks to the generosity of Breadline Africa’s donors, this dedicated school principal now has the centre of her dreams!

Marion Wagner, Breadline Africa’s director said a few words. “I was in London in November and met with Baroness van Dedem. We spoke about the passionate and energetic Beauty and her predicament, and she immediately said she would help.”

“We also appealed for stationery for the school, knowing that Beauty needed help and Mr Shane Martin came to the rescue.” Ms Wagner ended with the three words that she felt best described Beauty – determination, energy and passion! Mr Martin, who owns the stationery supply company that donated much-needed supplies to the school, spoke about how excited he and his family were to help.

Beauty started off her speech by saying that she was eagerly waiting for the winter rains because this coming winter, she would not be worrying about the cold and unsafe classrooms. Her children and staff will be comfortable and safe from the elements. She said that it is individuals like the van Dedem family and Mr Martin who make all the difference. Finally, she asked Marion to thank the donors from the bottom of her heart and to share the good news that her Fire Safety certificate has finally been issued.

Beauty’s passion and energy are the key elements that draw Breadline Africa back to her. This passion and energy is also what makes her so unique in character and attracts people who consistently support the work she does.


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