Rainbow Educare Centre launch of a kitchen and toilet on Monday 16 August 2018

There was great excitement at Rainbow Educare in Khayelitsha, Cape Town on Monday, 16 August, as the Breadline Africa team prepared to launch brand new kitchen and toilet containers.

Khayelitsha covers more than 43 square kilometres and is one of the poorest areas of Cape Town, with a median average income per family of R20,000 a year, compared to the city’s median of R40,000. Some 89% of households in Khayelitsha are either moderately or severely food insecure. Approximately 70% of residents still live in shacks and one in three people has to walk 200 metres or further to access water. Site B, where Rainbow Educare is situated, is one of the newer areas. Many parents are unable to pay pre-school fees or provide food for their families.

Principal, Busisiwe Mehlomakhulu (fondly known as Mama), expressed her gratitude for the two containers, which will assist in the process of registering for additional subsidies. Her challenges, however, are still not over and she has appealed for classrooms to replace the large structure which had been condemned by the local municipality, who would only allow for 69 of the children to be taught in the current structures. Her centre provides a place of safety for the children and she receives applications for places at the school on a regular basis.

She explained that she is over the moon with the kindness shown by Breadline Africa donors and added that the kitchen and toilet containers would make such a difference in their lives. She also thanked Community Chest, who funded the toilet and the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon who sponsored the kitchen.

Sheikh Izzudeen, a regular volunteer at the centre, who teaches English and health and hygiene to the children four days a week, described education as a shield for future leaders and that both private organisations and parents need to be more involved in creating the best futures for the children, enabling them to support themselves. Sikhuke Sonke director, Mdebuka Mtwazi, paid tribute to Busisiwe, saying that Mama is always active, always welcoming and always smiling. The same with all her teachers and this was reflected in the children. He thanked Breadline Africa for playing a role in protecting the children and assisting in their early childhood development.

Breadline Africa Director, Marion Wagner thanked Mama and her teachers and all the children for such an incredibly warm welcome and said that what Busisiwe had achieved was a result of her sheer determination and hard work and also all partners working together. Breadline Africa is honoured to be one of them!


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