The 755 children attending Rosmead Central Primary School opened a huge gift on Wednesday 8 September 2021 – they opened the doors to a 30m² prefabricated library.

The structure was made possible through the generosity of Breadline Africa’s dedicated donor, Elizabeth Hosking. The school already had an extensive book collection, which was previously housed in an small container that had very little space to get lost in a book. The new library provides plenty of space for children to come and enjoy a few hours of reading, or to have a quiet place to study.

The primary school has a wonderful librarian who has volunteered his time and knowledge to the children for more than 10 years. The school decided to honour Mr Peter Henshal by dedicating the library in his name.

The celebration began with the principal, Mrs Rebecca Tono-Nazo explaining how she had not had the opportunity to experience a library in her childhood and how much she values the wonderful opportunity the children from Rosemead now have. She emphasised the importance of reading for every child and thanked Breadline Africa for providing this opportunity.

The Circuit Manager for the school district, Mr Donavan Cleophas expressed his respect for Mr Henshal and the wonderful legacy he was creating for the children at the school by giving his time and expertise freely. He said that the children’s success was a worthy legacy and that the school was much richer because of the generosity of two people – Mr Henshal and Mrs Hosking.

Ali Waggie, the Breadline Africa Programmes Manager, thanked Elizabeth Hosking for her generous donation and wished the school every success in the years to come.

Mr Henshal was thrilled to see the new library and he told the visitors that reading in the library will allow these children to learn more about life and the world around them. He explained “I think the most important thing for everybody is literacy. These children who come to the library have the opportunity to question all the time and be informed about world events. The other thing that happens when we read involves our emotions and it’s so important that this kind of thing happens. Reading can change a person. It is really important.”

The Head of Department, Mr Wagied Ceres, thanked Breadline Africa and Mrs Hosking for this generous gift. He expressed his gratitude to all involved and explained how important this library will be for the children in developing a love of reading and access to a wonderful selection of books, carefully curated by Mr Henshal.

He continued: “In Islam, we have a proverb, Sadaqah Jariyah – a gift of which the reward will benefit forever. The library is a gift like that – for as long as this library is functional, the children are going to learn here. The donor who invested the money and the people who made it possible will reap the rewards. Imagine, in many years to come, we will still have this functional library. Thank you so much.”

Three young learners read their favourite passages to much delight, and the ceremony ended with the ribbon cutting. We celebrated in the knowledge that this library will be a special place for the young children to enjoy for many years to come.


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