Two twelve-meter containers prepared as a reading room – 16 March 2020

In March, the Breadline Africa marketing team were back at Silverlea Primary School in Athlone, Cape Town, to hand over the key to a brand new 58m2 container reading room.   In September 2018, with funding provided by the estate of the late Doreece Walker, Breadline Africa was able to support the Silverlea Primary Library Project with the placement of a 6m container which the school continues to use as a library. The addition of  a new reading room now provides a dedicated space for learners to sit and read a book during their weekly library period, during break time or after school.  This wonderful additional space was predominantly funded by the school who secured funding from the Ben and Evelyn Lipschitz Charitable Trust.  Top-up funding was provided by Jackie Channing along with Breadline Africa’s individual donors. This is the fifth container that Breadline Africa has placed at the school in the past three years.  Each structure contributes to the development of an holistic learning environment for the 780 children currently enrolled at the school.

Acting Principal, Sharon Coetzee, said  that the school prides itself on literacy and reading and  expressed her thanks to Breadline Africa for the ongoing support. She explained that the library itself has very little room for learners to comfortably enjoy their favourite book, so the large container reading room, linked to the library, will now provide a wonderful  space for all learners to enjoy their chosen book and for group reading sessions to take place.

Nigel Schierhout, a teacher at the school, added: “We are so excited to see how this new reading room will help our learners to develop their young minds. Not only will they show greater personal development but they will become better students and furthermore become better adults in our community. Reading is for life.”

We hope that this new space will encourage children to broaden their knowledge, to read for pleasure, to share stories with their peers and  to discuss topics about the world around them. The literacy-support volunteers and teachers will now also be able to engage with learners in a conducive environment and provide daily one-on-one and group reading support.  We know that some great learning and growth will happen in the new reading room and we look forward to seeing many children broaden their horizons through reading.

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