Siyakhanyisa Educare Centre, which loosely translates to “We light up” lives up to its name through the energy of the young children who attend this pre-school in Langa, Western Cape. The centre was started in 2014 by Principal Leanne Mxunyelwa Sidinele on the property of the Tiyo Soga Reformed Presbyterian Church. It is located approximately 12km southeast of Cape Town city centre and 10km from Cape Town International Airport.

The pre-school, with its large classrooms and outdoor play area, can accommodate 95 children between the ages of one and five. Unfortunately. they only had two flushing toilets and Leanne turned to Breadline Africa requesting help. The need became even more urgent during this ongoing global health pandemic.

On 23 June 2021, Breadline Africa was delighted to hand over a six-metre converted shipping container to Siyakhanyisa Educare Centre. This has provided an additional six toilets and three handwashing basins at different heights to accommodate all ages. The children provided a very warm welcome, despite the cold weather. They sang the national anthem with much gusto and then performed another two wonderfully animated songs, to everyone’s delight.

Mrs Thozama Tukulu, a board member of the pre-school, welcomed everyone to the launch and explained how the community was overwhelmed with the new Breadline Africa container. She thanked all those who had made this need a reality.

Leanne said: “We have been struggling with the toilets for quite a while. We have 95 registered children and the two toilets inside are not enough. But now we have enough toilets for all our children. Thank you so very much and please continue to help other centres that are also in need.”

Mr Victor Mguqulwa, a parent, spoke of the work Leanne has done for the pre-school. He explained how she is always looking for ways to improve it and how committed she is to the children and their growth. He thanked Breadline Africa and their donors for providing a more hygienic environment and a safe facility to support the pre-school in creating future leaders!

Marion Wagner, the Director of Breadline Africa thanked Leanne for her patience and persistence in pursuing her request for the toilet container. Marion thanked the Breadline Africa team for their hard work and Leanne and her staff for clearing an area for the container to be placed. She explained that it was only possible through the support of some amazing donors, who unfortunately were not able to attend this launch, but will be so happy to learn of the difference that the toilets are making to the pre-school.

Kelsey Finkel, a member of the Breadline Africa board, expressed her pleasure at being invited to the launch and also thanked the special donors who made this day possible. She explained how thrilled the donors will be, knowing the impact that they have made.

The words of retired US senator, Barbara Mikulski speak true: “Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.” Thank you to all who have made that change that will benefit so many children for many years to come.



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