A new classroom will allow the children at Siyathokoza ECD Centre the chance to grow and learn in age-appropriate learning groups.

Location: KwaNyuswa, outskirts of Durban, KwaZulu Natal

About: In 2010, Ms Ntombizanele Joyce Ngcobo opened the Siyathokoza Early Childhood Development Centre in KwaNyuswa, a rural community in Botha’s Hill. Although parts of this community are considered wealthy, there is a great contrast between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’, and Siyathokoza is a haven for the children of an impoverished township.

Challenge: The children are currently accommodated in an incomplete brick building with pit toilets and plastic basins placed in the open. In spite of its challenges, this is a well-run crèche that makes do with very little income. The interior of the building is incomplete, offering a central open space with a separate kitchen. Rows of chairs demarcate the different age groups,  but the space is noisy, making it difficult for learning to take place.

The need: A classroom, made up of two converted six-metre shipping containers will allow each learning group a space to learn. The infrastructure will be a welcome addition to the current single room the ECD has.

Beneficiaries: 80 children under the age of six


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