Another classroom for The Telitebies Academy Pre-School will bring them closer to formal registration

Location: Makhaza, Western Cape

About: The educare centre has been serving the community since 2019 and provides education for 226 children, meeting a great need in this community.  The centre has two grade R classes which prepares young children for their first year of school.

Challenge: The centre currently operates out of a building which was previously the church, but the space has become too small as the number of children has increased over the last 2 years. A requirement of registration is to have adequate space for all the children and so a new classroom will assist with getting the centre registered.

The need: Breadline Africa proposes a 2 x 6m container classroom which will allow for the children to be separated into smaller groups for better learning.

Beneficiaries: 226 children aged 2-5 years


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