It’s particularly rewarding when the Breadline Africa team provides infrastructure for a huge pre-school and on 25 October 2021, the organisation launched 3 containers at The Telitebies Academy Preschool in Makhaza, Western Cape, benefiting 226 young children!

The pre-school currently utilises a building that previously housed a church and had been divided into several classrooms. There was, however, still a shortage of classroom space and another classroom was needed to allow for smaller learning groups. A new container classroom (two 6m containers combined to form one classroom) will now assist the young children at this pre-school to grow and learn safely before heading off to primary school.

Not only did the pre-school need more classroom space, they were also in desperate need of functional toilet infrastructure for the 226 children and staff. Having only a few dilapidated toilets for all the children, Breadline Africa was excited to hand over a second container housing six toilet cubicles and wash basins. This was made possible by the generosity of the Macfarlane Family Foundation.

The children sat outside in the road, taking up the full width and near length of the blocked off road and enthusiastically entertained the guests with song and dance, contributing to an atmosphere of joy and celebration. The principal, Miss Buhle Mntuyedwa, expressed her gratitude to Breadline Africa and the generous donors who had made these two structures possible. She was so relieved to finally have a dedicated space for the Grade R children to prepare them for primary school.

Mrs Lynne Jooste, who attended the handover celebration, thanked the children and staff for the incredible welcome and explained that the MacFarlane Family Foundation’s team were very happy to able to assist Telitebies Academy Pre-School and its children. She explained that her brother, who lives in Canada, had selected these projects and he was thrilled to be able to give back to this community in Cape Town.

Marion Wagner, Director of Breadline Africa, expressed her excitement at seeing the children enjoy their new classroom and toilets and added that she could see the wonderful work the principal and teachers were doing at the centre. She thanked Lynne and the MacFarlane Family Foundation for the difference they are making in so many communities. Without their support, the centre would not have received the toilet container at the same time as their classroom containers. Marion wished the school well and hoped they would continue to carry out their mission of establishing a firm foundation for each child’s educational journey!


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