Only 6 toilets are available for 226 children who attend The Telitebies Academy Pre-School

Location: Makhaza, Western Cape

About: This is a very young educare centre but remarkably accommodates 226 children which clearly indicates that there is a great need in this community. There are currently two grade R classes serving to prepare the younger children for their first year of school. This is a special feature of this centre and provides a pathway and steppingstone for these young children as well as an opportunity for parents to expose their young children to an educational environment.

Challenge: The centre currently only has 6 toilet cubicles, in less-than-ideal condition, serving all 226 children. The numbers speak for themselves, and these facilities are not adequate for the centre as well as the number of children it serves, contributing to unhygienic conditions.

The need: Breadline Africa proposes a 2 x 6m toilet container with 6 new toilet cubicles which will promote better hygiene for the children at Telitebies Academy Pre-School.

Beneficiaries: 226 children aged 1 to 5


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