The Breadline Africa team was thrilled to be invited by our partner, The Centre for Early Childhood Development ( to attend the opening of both the Vuyolwethu Playgroup in Moorreesburg and the Kalkfontein Daycare Centre in Kraaifontein on 11 February. At both of these Early Childhood Development Centres, Breadline Africa managed the conversion and placement of prefabricated and container infrastructure to provide suitable, and much needed classrooms, kitchens, toilets and office facilities.

Vuyolwethu Playgroup was founded by Priscilla Nxam in January 2013 not long after her daughter started Grade 1 in Moorreesburg. Noticing a difference in the school-readiness of the children who had attended an ECD pre-school centre programme prior to entering Grade 1, Priscilla decided to open one for the children of her community. Vuyolwethu Playgroup originally started with 30 children, but in a building that did not meet the building norms and standards for partial care facilities, as set by the South African Department of Social Development. In 2019, the Playgroup was allocated a piece of land previously owned by the Swartland Municipality and was granted permission to develop an Early Childhood Development Centre. The opening of the new 84m2 prefabricated structure, which incorporates two classrooms, a kitchen and toilet facilities, was made possible by funding secured by CECD from the Fly and Help Foundation, based in Germany. Breadline Africa has committed to further developing this centre and will soon be placing a  m container that will provide additional office and sick bay facilities. With this additional infrastructure, Priscilla will be able to enrol 44 children at her new centre and will also qualify for registration as a partial care facility which will make her eligible to receive a monthly government subsidy!

With support from Anne Roche, a long-time Breadline Africa donor, CECD and Fly and Help additional infrastructure at Kalkfontein Daycare Centre was also handed over on 11 February. In addition to the two prefabricated classrooms and toilet facilities provided by CECD, Breadline Africa converted a derelict 12m refrigerator container (that had been standing on the site) into additional classroom, kitchen, office and sick bay facilities. The new infrastructure now meets all the Department of Social Development registration requirements and enables the pre-school to also receive a regular income from government through a monthly subsidy. Breadline Africa is grateful to Anne Roche for her generous donation which made it possible for us to work in partnership with CECD and Fly and Help on this project.

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