For years to come, this library will be a fundamental cornerstone to further enhance literacy at Weltevreden Valley Core Primary School.

Location: Oliver Tambo Drive, Weltevreden Valley North, Cape Town, 7784
About: Weltevreden Valley Core Primary School was established in 1998 and it serves the communities of Phillipi and Weltevreden Valley. The school’s motto, ‘Education is the light’ is a key driver for the staff to provide a quality education that will allow the children to escape the cycle of poverty.
Challenge: The school is in desperate need of a dedicated library to allow for the learners to be able to enjoy the benefits of a school literacy programme. The school does not currently have a library A library would provide these children with the opportunity to develop a love for the wonderful world of reading, thereby improving literacy levels Help us provide them with a sanctuary for opening their imaginations.
The need: A 6m container library will ensure that the children will benefit from the fundamental development a library provides during these formative years.
Beneficiaries: 1,478 children (Grade R – 7)


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