An exciting day dawned for the staff, parents and 100 children of Zama-Zama Educare centre in Phillipi. In 2019, the pre-school applied to Breadline Africa requesting a new container classroom to accommodate the 30 Grade R children at the school. The staff realised the need for them to have a dedicated space in order to prepare them for their journey to primary school and to Grade 1.

Following a request made in 2019, The MacFarlane Family Foundation stepped in and donated the new classroom to the pre-school. When they saw pictures of the existing toilet facilities, they kindly offered to replace them with a new six-metre toilet container to provide sufficient facilities for the children. The old infrastructure was very unsafe and had become a danger to the children and the staff, so it was wonderful to hand over the keys for two new units on the same day – a double celebration. The Breadline Africa team was treated to a wonderful celebration as the children danced and sang in front of their new classroom before heading inside to explore.

Bongiwe Dikili, principal of the centre, thanked the Breadline Africa team and shared that it was a very happy day for everyone at Zama-Zama Educare. She expressed her joy that with this donation the centre would be able to enroll more children and go from strength to strength, shaping young lives and preparing them for primary school.

Ms Gcelu, a member of the ECD forum in the area, told us of the many pre-schools that operated under difficult and challenging circumstances but that they could now be proud of this pre-school with its new structures. Many pre-school shad to close due to lack of funds or inadequate facilities so she was thrilled that this pre-school could continue operating. She expressed her thanks to The MacFarlane Family Foundation for helping the centre and stated how the community would benefit for so many years to come.

Namhla Ngwendu, a parent and community member, was grateful that the unsafe structures were finally replaced and that having no choice but to send their children to school, she was now ecstatic that they had a safer environment in which to learn.

The director of Breadline Africa, Marion Wagner, said it was such a privilege to be able to attend the launch and she thanked The Macfarlane Family Foundation for futureproofing this pre-school and making their dreams come true. These have been amazing gifts to a pre-school that was very much in need and we wish them well in the amazing work they do – developing future leaders.

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