UGU district project

UGU district project Location: Kwazulu-Natal Challenge: We have partnered with Network Action Group (now known as Impande) in the UGU district, KwaZulu-Natal. Together, we hope to build 50 new [...]

Mkhanyiseli Primary School

Mkhanyiseli Primary School Location: Nyanga, Western Cape About: Mkhanyiseli was established in 1950 and is one of the Partners for Possibility schools seeking academic excellence. Challenge: [...]

Masakhe 2 Educare Centre

Masakhe 2 Educare Centre Location: Nyanga, Western Cape About: Masakhe 2 Educare Centre was established in 2011 by Precious Petros. She started the centre at her home in Nyanga, an impoverished [...]

Lusemanzi ECD Centre

Lusemanzi ECD Centre Location: Orange Farm, Gauteng About: Lusemanzi ECD Centre strives to provide a happy, caring, secure and educational based environment for children in the area of Drieziek [...]