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Bonga Primary School

Gugulethu, Western Cape

The school is in need of a dedicated library to give learners access to wonderful storybooks.

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About the project:

Bonga Primary School, located in the heart of Gugulethu, Western Cape, faces the challenge of being in a high-crime area with pressing social issues. Established in the 1960s, Gugulethu, meaning “our pride” in Xhosa, is a township situated 15km outside of the City of Cape Town. Bonga Primary School’s learners have limited access to books, with only a small reading corner available with a limited selection.

The challenge:

Principal Mapona has noted how the children show a keen interest in storybooks and hopes to make reading more accessible to the children. Teachers find it increasingly challenging to escort children to the public libraries due to safety concerns.

The need:

Breadline Africa’s project aims to provide the school with a dedicated prefabricated library filled with captivating storybooks, providing over 500 children the opportunity to take books home. By fostering a love of reading, we not only address the immediate need for accessible literature but also contribute to the long-term educational development of the community. The school is supported by our literacy partner organisations, Shine Literacy and Book Dash. Together, we aspire to empower the children of Gugulethu with the transformative power of literacy.

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