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Busy Bees Educare Centre

Montague Village, Western Cape

Currently being run from the principal’s home, a small brick building houses the entire centre. The pre-school needs a classroom to provide a safe space to learn.

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About the project:

Having worked in the Early Childhood Development sector for over 18 years, Natasha Raybin was deeply concerned when a local pre-school closed as a result of the economic impact of the pandemic. She knew there was a great need for early learning programmes in the Montague Village community. As an interim solution, she opened Busy Bees Educare Centre, planning to offer classes only for a year until a more permanent solution could be found. As it turned out, Busy Bees was the solution all along.

The challenge:

The pre-school is currently being run from the principal’s home and a small brick building houses the entire centre. The current facilities do not provide suitable learning classes for different age groups, making an additional classroom a necessity.

The need:

Providing an 18m² prefabricated classroom will allow the centre to accommodate more children with space for age-appropriate learning.

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